Dr. Aleesha Maybury

Dr. Aleesha M. Maybury, DDS
Dentist & Owner, Davinci Dental

Dr. Maybury earned a first degree in biology and then trained to become a dental hygienist before returning to University to complete a dentistry degree.

Her experience working as a hygienist gave her an enhanced perspective on the value of preventative dental care. Dr Maybury worked for 12 years as a dentist at Mitis Dental under Dr. Lorna Hall’s mentorship before acquiring DaVinci Dental in 2019. Her vision for DaVinci dental is to create a happy, family-friendly environment where patients understand that they are partners in their lifelong dental health journey.

The DaVinci Dental team emphasizes preventative dental care, yet are ready to respond with compassionately delivered, evidence-based corrective care. Dr Maybury received dental implant training under Dr Arun Garg, the pre-eminent implant specialist in the US. That’s why DaVinci Dental implant patients enjoy quality implant installations for better oral health, an improved smile, and enhanced comfort for speaking and eating.


  • American International University – BSc Biology
  • Dalhousie University – Dental Hygienist
  • Dr Arun Garg – Implant Training (USA) – Dental Implant Certification
  • Howard University – DDS – Dentist

Because of my hygiene background, I am a firm believer in preventive and comprehensive care. Your oral health is directly related to many other conditions in the body. Being able to tell someone that their cholesterol is high just by looking in their eyes reminds me of how the close proximity I have with people, through my job, can save a life.” – Dr. Maybury