You have trusted us to help make your smile a superpower. These are the experienced and compassionate dental experts that will get you there.

With decades of experience and a commitment to constantly update our credentials, our team is ready with state of the art dental care insights to help you get the smile you deserve.

Meet our team dynamic team:


Dental & Hygienist Team

Dr Maybury earned a first degree in biology and then trained to become a dental hygienist before returning to University to complete a dentistry degree.

“Because of my hygiene background, I am a firm believer in preventive and comprehensive care. Your oral health is directly related to many other conditions in the body.”

“I joined Dr. Vincent Bridgewater, the founder of Davinci Dental, in 1990 and he accepted my request to serve as overseer of my clinic.

I was later honoured with a Queen’s Honour for my work as the first Black Bermudian to found a dental clinic at the hospital.”

“I always tell my patients on their terms, that the mouth is the gateway to the whole body. If your mouth isn’t healthy then neither is your body. If you have unhealthy gums and mouth, it can lead to problems with your heart, or even diabetes.

Dental health is the first step in taking care of your overall general health.”

Dr. Aleesha M. Maybury

Owner, Dentist, Implant Specialist

Theresa Joy Furbert

Dental Hygienist

Carrie Woolridge

Dental Hygienist

Support Team

“I wish people understood that they should take their mouth seriously. Bacteria left to fester in the mouth, can lead to illness.

Your dental appointments are just as important as getting a checkup at the doctor.”

“Some first-time patients arrive fearful and anxious and imagine ordinary procedures to be the worst thing ever. I can reassure them that everything will be ok.”

“My job is to ensure everything the dentist requires is set up for each patient. Preparation is a critical part of the job.”

Letitia Tucker

Hygiene Coordinator / Floater

Crystal Wales

Front Desk Coordinator

Shantonia Ratteray

Dental Assistant
Zakina Allen

We would like to welcome our new dental hygienist, Zakina Allen, RDH. She joined the practice on February 15, 2021  and despite Covid memory fog – she recalls clearly, it was a warm winter day.

I couldn’t let April 20th (4/20 in the US) go by without mentioning oral health in relation to marijuana. Lots of cannabis-related events take place on this day because in the 70s, a group of friends decided to meet at 4:20 after school to smoke weed and used 420 as a code so their parents…

Many patients complain that when they come into the office they must fill out yet another form! Your medical history is important to us. Your mouth is filled with lots of bacteria and most of them are harmless- just like in the rest of your body. But your mouth is the entrance to the stomach…

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