Zakina Allen

We would like to welcome our new dental hygienist, Zakina Allen, RDH. She joined the practice on February 15, 2021  and despite Covid memory fog – she recalls clearly, it was a warm winter day.

With over 6 years of experience as a Registered Dental Hygienist, she has a thorough understanding of how a dental practice runs and the importance of the relationship and communication between practitioner and patient. Zakina attended Regency Dental Hygiene Academy in Toronto, Canada and graduated in October 2012. 

When asked what her favourite part about the job was, she couldn’t pick just one. Instead she said “I love my co-workers at DaVinci Dental, everyone here is warm and friendly. We all work well together as a team!!!”

From breaking down the gingival disease process to patients in a way that they can each relate, to watching the transformation of a mouth with moderate to severe gum disease transform to a state of health – Zakina loves all things patient health. 


Here are some fun facts about our newest addition:

  • Her favorite pizza is garlic, sauteed onion, spinach, mushrooms, chicken with a splash of pesto best purchased from La Trattoria  or Speciality Inn
  • When the pandemic ends her top 3 places to visit are:

JAMAICA: to relax, drink pina coladas and eat good food.

TORONTO: to visit her friend who just had a new baby, who as Zakina put it “maybe screaming my name by the time I get to meet her in person.”

MOROCCO: to go on an adventure in a far away land.

  • Her favourite Covid face mask/covering is the one that says DaVinci Dental.  Although, according to Zakina, “this shouldn’t be a question because we all don’t really like masks, but we wear them to be safe; to protect ourselves and to protect others”

When asked why she chose dental hygiene as a career choice, she replied: “As a child I had a few cavities or maybe more than a few, and a period of my childhood involved a lot of time at the dental office. My dentist at that time had many different trinkets and stuff around her room to keep kids like me entertained.”

One of those trinkets that stand out vividly in her memory bank is the DENTIST BARBIE.
In true childlike fashion, she asked her mommy for one and although she declined she told her that upon becoming a dentist, that would be her reward.


Fast forward about 7 years from then: Zakina was in middle school, and the guidance counselor had all the students pick a career so that they could all go out to work shadow. She always knew that she wanted to help people, but did not want to become a doctor or a nurse. Hence, she chose a dentist as she had always had a great experience at the dental office.

So this choice stuck with her through high school and then college.

Because she wasn’t the best student at the Bermuda College, she was ready to give up on her dream of becoming a dentist. One day she sat down with her advisor and explained all the problems she was experiencing (which were probably minor at that time); her advisor suggested that she attend a dental hygiene school as a stepping stone on the way to becoming a dentist.

Zakina took her advice and applied to dental hygiene school and got in!!! While in school she decided  that this path was the right one for her as she loved every part of dental hygiene even the smelly and bloody parts.

Lastly, when asked what advice she would give her patients about oral hygiene, she said:


Our hygiene department is in exceptional hands with Zakina.

She is available to see our patients Monday- Thursday 8am-5pm. 

Due for a Scale and Polish? 

Call 441 292 0107 or email now to arrange a visit to see Zakina for your next dental hygiene appointment

“Never miss a dental hygiene appointment, the maintenance of your oral health is important to maintain great overall health”. Zakina Allen RDH



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