Dr. Aleesha Maybury

Theresa Joy Furbert
Dental Hygienist

BACKGROUND: 40 years in the dental Industry


  • Boston University – Associate Degree Dental Assistant
  • The University of Minnesota – Dental Anesthesiology Training
  • Howard University – Certificate in Dental Hygiene.

IN HER WORDS: “Community is important to me. After the US base closed down, and with it, its 150 chair dental clinic, I sought permission to create a dental clinic for Extended Care Unit patients at the KEMH. It was my baby, I built it from scratch, and knew every pipe and water line because I engineered it. I joined Dr. Vincent Bridgewater, the founder of Davinci Dental, in 1990 and he accepted my request to serve as overseer of my clinic. I was later honoured with a Queen’s Honour for my work as the first Black Bermudian to found a dental clinic at the hospital.”